Builder Confidence Going Strong

18 Jan

Builder Confidence Going Strong

Home builder confidence in the brand new, single-family construction market is certainly going strong, despite dialing back the most recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo HOUSING MARKETPLACE Index (HMI). For January was 72 the Index reading, just two points under a spike in December. An above-50 reading indicates more building contracters have a confident outlook when compared to a negative one.

“Builders are confident that changes to the tax code will promote the tiny business sector and boost broader economic growth,” said Randy Noel, chairman of the NAHB, in a statement. “The entire year ahead our members are worked up about, even while they continue steadily to face building material price shortages and increases of labor and lots.”

Home builders’ in January expectations regarding present and expected single-family home sales both dipped, down one indicate 79 and something indicate 78, to be able, while expected homebuyer traffic was down four points to 54.

However, “the HMI gauge of future sales expectations has remained in the 70s, an indicator that housing demand should continue steadily to grow in 2018,” said Robert Dietz, chief economist of the NAHB, in the statement. “Because the overall economy strengthens, owner-occupied household formation increases and the way to obtain existing-home inventory tightens, this season we are able to expect the single-family housing marketplace to create further gains.”

Source: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

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18 Jan
18 Jan
17 Jan

On-the-Go and In-the-Know: RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile™ the ante for today&rsquo ups;s property professionals

Since the advent of the smartphone, property professionals and consumers alike attended to be determined by these handheld devices for just about any and everything beneath the sun. So when smartphones continue steadily to change and evolve before our eyes, there’s no denying that they’ve turn into a driving force within the true estate industry truly.

“The truth is that deals aren’t anymore manufactured in the office,” says Reggie Nicolay, vice president of Social and Marketing Media at Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). “Actually, almost anywhere today deals are created, like the grocery store, while grabbing dinner at a restaurant even though unplugging on holiday even.”

The largest database of parcel-centric property information, RPR—that is closed to the public—provides agents with one streamlined system obtained from multiple sources. With public record information, tax assessment info and school district data, RPR serves as a one-stop look for property professionals seeking to change lives by giving clients the info they have to make an informed selling or buying decision.

Taking what to a complete new level, RPR Mobile™ means that property professionals that are on-the-go don&rsquo constantly; t miss a beat with regards to maintaining prospects and clients.

For Jickson Chacko, a REALTOR® with Cherry Creek Properties in Jackson, Colo., integrating RPR Mobile into his day-to-day routine is really as simple as living his life.

“I’m constantly picking right up clients while looking after the plain things I really do every day,” says Chacko, who depends upon RPR Mobile to create connections. “It’s extremely useful when speaking with individuals who already own homes also, when i can pull up the house, inform them just how much their home will probably be worth and provide an in depth report even.”

Never someone to miss a chance to provide friends and family the true estate information they want, Joanna Williams finds herself pulling up RPR all of the right time when getting together with friends.

“We don’t think about them as prospects when we’re out having a great time just, but everyone really wants to know more concerning the market always,” says Williams, a brokerage with Better Homes & Gardens PROPERTY Kansas City Homes in Liberty, Mo. “Pulling open the app and discussing their very own home with them goes quite a distance in showing those friends that you’seriously interested in your organization re.”

While the huge benefits connected with RPR Mobile extend all over, the app’s capability to save property professionals time while permitting them to strike a genuine work/life balance can’t be overlooked.

“It’s nice in order to pull up detailed info on a genuine home while you’re showing a house,” adds Williams, who’s analyzing comps for listing appointments right alongside her agents constantly. “RPR’s app seamlessly delivers the info, making you appear to be a pro as you can shoot it straight to the customer within minutes.”

Nicolay notes that how property professionals utilize the app depends upon how they work available. “It’s quite definitely scenario- or persona-based,” says Nicolay, who continues on to describe that RPR Mobile is really a boon for property professionals in lots of situations, including open houses.

“Customers have questions regarding local schools and neighborhoods often, and because of the Reports button situated in the low left corner of the app’s home screen, agents can easily develop a report which can be sent via text or email to any given prospect,” says Nicolay. “It’s the best way to establish communication and lay the building blocks for future follow-up.”

But it doesn’t end there. Actually, RPR Mobile is among the most go-to tool for property professionals over the board.

“It’s become among my hottest tools that I turn to to be able to confirm my market stats,” says Loren Coburn, branch manager at Kevo Properties in Oklahoma City, Okla. “In addition, it helps me confirm the given information I take advantage of to generate market charges for homes.”


An avid RPR user for days gone by, Coburn turns to the app every day for a number of reasons.

“When driving through different housing developments, I find myself opening the app to see what the marketplace does. Also, easily stumbled upon a FSBO, RPR Mobile is my go-to for an instant mention of what the real home will probably be worth,” says Coburn. “It always gives me on-demand information I could use to attain out and grab the listing.”

Recent enhancements to RPR Mobile, like the capability to search by voice, are upping the ante even more, in accordance with Nicolay.

“During the last couple of years, voice-to-text is becoming a lot more accurate on both Android and iOS os’s. Integrating this feature into RPR Mobile allows property professionals to go in to the app, press the microphone icon, speak their search and start to see the text enter directly on the screen,” says Nicolay.

In addition to recently integrating the commercial side of the business enterprise in to the app, RPR’s new Comp Analysis Express is another feature that&rsquo yet; s set to improve the game as it is well known by us. This new feature allows REALTORS® to utilize their mobile device to create a CMA before sharing and developing a client-friendly seller’s report. On top of that, if comps have already been selected on the site, they may be viewed on mobile, and vice versa. “It is a big and powerful improvement which will give a complete large amount of value for the,” adds Nicolay.

For those not using RPR? “You’re really missing out,” says Williams, “as RPR is by probably the most robust far, useful tool we’ve at our fingertips.”

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16 Jan

Housing and Tax Reform: Where Could the Impact Land?

Homebuyers and homeowners are anticipating fallout from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which includes changed homeownership incentives, like the deductions for mortgage state and interest and local taxes.

deep the result is depends on location

How, in accordance with new research.

With the bill’s new provisions, the mortgage interest deduction (MID) does apply to loans as high as $750,000 (down from $1 million), and state and local tax (SALT) deductions are limited by $10,000. An analysis conducted by HouseCanary recently, provider of predictive property insights and analytics, determined that 82 percent of lost MIDs beneath the new laws are concentrated in 10 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), including four California MSAs and four East Coast MSAs.

All told, 6.4 percent of loans between $750,000 and $1 million could possibly be suffering from the changed MID, or $287 million in deductions lost total, the extensive research reveals.

In the case of the deduction of state and local taxes, including property taxes, 66 of the 3,134 counties in the U.S. could possibly be impacted, the extensive research shows. Bearing the brunt could possibly be Boston, Mass., NJ and NY, where citizens could depart for lower property taxes in other states.


Thirty-three percent of Americans approve of the Tax Jobs and Cuts Act; 55 percent disapprove, in accordance with a Gallup poll in January. A lot more than 35 percent of respondents to a December® survey &ldquo were;concerned” about homeownership in light of the reform.

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16 Jan

Home Laundry: To Vent or Never to Vent

I once believed it had been a forgone conclusion that whenever adding certain laundry appliances to a home, it could mean installing exhaust ducting and cutting a hole to the exterior for venting.

However, a recently available report from Michele Weaver at Design Basics, LLC highlighted an evergrowing trend in ventless dryers which can be easily located and relocated inside a home because vent piping, exhaust venting and holes to the exterior aren’t needed.

The mechanics of a genuine home dryer could cause energy and safety problems if lint becomes trapped in the vent. This demands more energy use and frequent cleaning. Weaver believes among the major trends consumers will undoubtedly be seeing in these key appliances would be the further refinement of ductless technology.

She says vent hoses snaking by way of a home’s framing have grown to be a leading reason behind the two 2,900 (average) home clothes dryer fires reported annually, based on the U.S. Fire Administration.

J.D. Wollf at explained a ventless or condenser dryer&mdash recently; also referred to as a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer (HPCD)—doesn’t require a vent due to expelling the hot instead, moist air, a heat exchanger removes the moisture from the hot &ldquo and air;recycles” it, passing it through the drying clothes back. The surplus water is then drained or caught in a container that’s later emptied away.

The trade-off for energy safety and savings is really a requirement of slightly more maintenance than vented dryers. Monthly to eliminate any lint wollf says the condensing unit should be cleaned about.

A study at the Florida SOLAR TECHNOLOGY Center at the University of Central Florida states that while an unvented HPCD uses less electricity when compared to a standard resistance dryer, it had been found release a more heat when compared to a conventional dryer during operation significantly, demanding additional cooling energy that could compromise overall savings.

However, the analysis highlights that with an ongoing retail cost of $948, there’s just a small premium on the HPCD dryers, making them cost-effective when chosen at time of replacement.

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15 Jan

Survey Results: What Keeps Brokers Up during the night?


As we commence a new, do you know the most pressing issues on the minds of the nation’s real estate agents? The entire year ahead what exactly are they most looking towards in? What strategies do they will have in place to handle inventory issues, technology adoption, agent retention or even to ensure their continued profitability? Better Homes & Gardens® PROPERTY and RISMedia recently teamed up to discover the answers to these and much more questions by way of a survey on “DURING THE NIGHT what Keeps Brokers Up?” Their answers give a detailed map in to the guidelines every ongoing company can follow to success.

The U.S. brokers we surveyed represented a broad swath of company structures, from companies with less than three offices and single digit agent counts to people that have a lot more than 400 offices and 13,000 agents. Respondents’ average a long time was 51-70 and responded from all parts of the national country. Annual sales volume listed by respondents ranged from approximately $650,000 to over $4.8 billion.

Check out this infographic predicated on area of the survey results. Full leads to follow in article following the graphic.

Top Concerns

Taking a glance at brokers’ most pressing, high-level concerns, the very best three ‘disruptive to the present property model&rsquo most; were: Direct-to-consumer, online, flat-fee and 100% commission models. The very best three ‘most pressing issues facing the industry’ were insufficient inventory, recruiting and non-traditional competition. Top obstacles to profitability were insufficient inventory, increasing agent productivity and pressure on commissions. Some responses entered in the ‘Other’ category because of this relevant question included discount brokerages, Zillow, many agents too, lead &lsquo and generation;declining market without upsurge in sales volume along with rising labor costs.’

On the main topic of budgeting, brokers listed online technology and marketing as a few of their top investments; included were administrative also, office expenses, labor, rent occupancy, advertising, recruiting and training. ‘Client services’ was the clear winner in what apart sets their firms, showing per tradition that nothing can replace good, old-fashioned customer support. Agent tools, commission and technology structure were the runners up for budget dollars.

Brokers listed their top operational challenges as recruitment of agents, agent business and productivity model competitiveness. Also to the relevant question, “What keeps you up during the night probably the most?” brokers listed recruiting more agents because the top answer, accompanied by home based business models, uncertain economy, maintaining technology, insufficient inventory and housing legislation issues.  ‘Other’ answers in this category included: relevance to agents, inspection repairs, Zillow, insufficient agent experience, builders and owners reaching buyers and to generate leads directly.

Is the main element to success organization? One respondent wrote, “I sleep such as a baby because I’m organized.” This may only assist in business—sufficient reason for sleep.

Deeper Dive on the presssing issues

With insufficient inventory rising to the very best of the very most pressing issues, we asked how brokers believe this challenge ought to be addressed. The very best response &lsquo was;increase percentage of new home construction,’ accompanied by ‘better education of clients on rent vs view and purchase of current inventory,’ ‘motivating agents to become more proactive with to generate leads,’ ‘reevaluation of local permit and zoning laws,’ ‘changes to tax structure,’ ‘reevaluation of national housing regulations,’ and ‘creative solutions such as for example manufacture housing.’

Some ‘Other’ responses included: Less expensive and entry-level housing and home-buying incentives. One broker stated, ‘Time will solve the nagging problem.’

In an attempt to garner some insight from brokers within their own words, our survey included several open-ended questions. On the relevant question, “What guidelines are you experiencing in place to make sure your firm and agents remain highly relevant to today’s consumers?” some answers included: Continuing education, communication, staying along with technology, training, brand awareness, quality service, integrity, strong online presence, easy-to-use tools, response time, having the ability to change with the trends, strong pricing and marketing and market knowledge.

We asked for insight into brokers&rsquo also; methods to adopting technology within their firms. Responses indicated it is a high priority primarily, with some needing to outsource IT help along with other larger firms with dedicated in-house tech departments.

Here’s a sampling of broker responses:

“Technology is really a primary focus and something we will continue steadily to put a higher priority on maintaining and implementing.”

“The best priority is absorbing the requirements and skills of our millennials.”

“I really do not feel just like we have to be on the leading edge of technology because most agents won’t anyway use it. More vital that you spend money on technology which makes agents more productive, happier, gives more leisure time and an easy task to learn/implement. You decide once, thorough on-boarding and education is key.”

“Our founder has allocated over $40 million to boost technology for the associates.”

“We’ve a little brokerage This is a challenge to own technology that new agents expect.”

“I outsource everything.”

“We don’t have an IT staff. I handle the company’s technology needs once we certainly are a small brokerage. The implementation of CRM or lead management, developing effective on-line advertising campaigns is becoming too great an activity for the tiny broker who would like to grow their business. It seems we have been entering an interval which will benefit national franchise brands greatly.”

“We have been continually considering improving our investing and technology on upgrading our web page design to attract customers. Growing our Facebook presence aswell.”

“Not the best priority. Much industry focus on tech rather than enough on high-quality too, personalized service itself.”

“Moved to paperless system which includes been working. This makes everyone more productive. Challenge is learning how exactly to utilize the technology and staying along with it. Like marching in a sandstorm &ndash forward; you just excersice and make an effort to pay attention and then those grains of sand that may help you succeed.”

Q. How can you make sure your agents are choosing the technology systems you have set up?

Many respondents indicated that constant education and training is paramount to tech adoption by agents. One-on-one support, sales meetings, using technology that monitors agent tech use and providing incentives were also noted.

“Constantly educate them at weekly staff meetings, using case real-world or studies examples. Following up with agents at quarterly reviews to see what issues they’re having.”

“Education. We’ve literally a huge selection of videos for training on tech systems in addition to a marketing company that assists our associates making use of their online presence and tech skills.”

“Discuss it; demonstrate it and suggest to them how to utilize it personally. Those that don&rsquo still;t adopt…they’ll grow or go either.”

“Offering plenty of courses and one-on-one coaching. We track agents’ production predicated on workshop training attendance.

“My agents are self-employed independent contractors therefore i can set company policies that insure legal and ethical practices but cannot require they complete their tasks in a particular manner. I would recommend marketing and tech classes whenever available, show agents new and old tech opportunities, explain the benefits of using specific tech tools and make myself available if they feel they want help. I take advantage of sugar not just a stick.”

Q. What recruiting efforts can you employ to ensure you’re securing the very best and brightest?

On this topic, brokers stated they depend on traditional face-to-face meetings with new recruits often, personal relationships and peer recruiting. Some use personality tests. Listed below are more insights:

“Personal profile of every recruit to understand how they prefer to work. Tailoring their on-boarding to complement their profile. Using our brands extensive recruiting tools and training to greatly help.”

“I really do my very own recruiting mostly. I try to judge the social individuals who i believe would make good sales associates.”

“We have been very visible in the neighborhood property community, connect to agents regularly. Be at their level rather than on the “broker pedestal.”

“Ongoing monitoring or local agent’s production. Establishing lunches/coffees to access know them better and know very well what their goals are.”

“Upfront sales personality testing. Create an avatar of our ideal agent, use that to interview and evaluate candidates.”

“Hired a full-time recruiting professional to utilize also to hold managers accountable.”

Q. What exactly are your best methods to retaining agents and so how exactly does company culture are likely involved for the reason that area?

Company culture is key to brokers and plays an essential role in agent productivity and retention, and is paramount to profitability also, many stated.

“We take great pride in the culture we’ve developed in the last a decade since opening being an independent brokerage. We only recruit/offer to agents that people feel fit our culture…We make an effort to ensure our agents know we expect everyone to do something ethically and we ask all of them to learn WHY they’re available and what they need from it. We make certain they’re inside it for the proper support and reasons them making use of their needs.”

“Company culture is vital to retaining agents, because the owner of the ongoing company you should be accessible.”

“Frequently checking in with agents concerning how their business and personal lives ‘re going. Showing you are interested and you also care.”

“Maintain a culture of support and concentrate on agent development and growth. Foster integrity, sharing and honesty among agents. Create a cohesive band of independent contractors who be determined by each other.”

“Recognition, incentives, goal setting techniques, accountability – culture is HUGE.”

“Considering adding value to your agents&rsquo always; business through leverage of time through staff, one-on-one coaching, social events, weekly training events, and our culture plays an enormous part.”

“Would go to education again. Culture is paramount inside our brokerage and we spend lots of time and energy in bolstering a culture of support, camaraderie and ethics.”

“You can expect coaching and concentrate on building relationships strongly. We have plenty of office and workshops parties to get a healthy mixture of work hard, play hard.”

“Company culture is crucial. Once we are small, retention is situated upon being associated with each agent’s business.”

“Professional recognition is essential in a ‘sale environment,’ and important has been alert to the agent&rsquo equally; s personal recognition and needs. Hand-written notes to agents work in an environment of impersonal technology still.”

“Developing a cohesive and collaborative culture in the working office. Offering brokers a stylish split threshold, marketing materials, great websites, attorney tons and PMB of educational opportunities cost-free.”

“Freedom, respect, recognition, mentoring/training, and proper compensation.”

We concluded our survey with several questions about new opportunities and what brokers are most looking towards heading into 2018. The entire year ahead include Millennials and first-time buyers the groups where brokers start to see the best opportunities in, along with retirees, move-up buyers, luxury buyers and past clients.

What are brokers most looking towards within their business in the entire year ahead? Many said a continued stable economy, continued sustainable sales and growth, low interest, more inventory, agent growth and increased productivity, increased market share and new partnerships, and technology platforms. Some said these were looking towards retiring in 2018 also.

In their very own words:

“We will be trying a fresh commission structure with this agents/clients with the power of a flat-fee structure for several clients. Also, we will be going for a more vigorous role in upping the productivity of every of our agents.”

“Having new sales associates joining our firm and hoping an uptick inside our local market.”

“Systems, more routine, following blue print and checking the full total results.”

“The spring market when buyers will be ready to move.”

“Understanding another technologies that my company has focused on and putting them in motion.”

“Continuing to create successful agent careers. the marketplace may change, but housing needs will always there be.”

And because we love this&hellip just;

“We have been forming a Golden Girls network of successful women with decades of experience in property that are nearing retirement. Our goal would be to make another 5 years our most productive.”

In addition to looking towards the opportunities ahead in the brand new year, nearly all brokers expressed confidence later on of the housing marketplace. Fifty-seven percent of brokers &lsquo said they’re;optimistic,’ accompanied by 20% have a higher confidence level. Another 20% stated neutral and only 3% said that they had a minimal confidence level in the housing marketplace.

Following the survey, John Featherston, Publisher and ceo of RISMedia said, “While property professionals are cognizant of the initial challenges facing individual offices or localities, this extensive research overwhelmingly found most to be optimistic about opportunities for success in 2018. From company culture to new technologies to a higher confidence level in the housing marketplace overall, the insights bode well for the all together and serve as a resource and road map to greatly help others implement guidelines and set a productive agenda for the entire year ahead.”

Sherry Chris, CEO and president of Better Homes and Gardens® PROPERTY, had this to state: “I have already been fortunate to stay the true estate industry for a lot more than thirty years.  Our industry has undergone far-reaching and important evolution for the reason that time: from being broker centric, to agent driven, to consumer centric, also to being consumer-data driven now. Transformational change is really a given in virtually any dynamic industry. Our best advice to broker/owners is definitely to stay centered on the areas of their brokerages that donate to one goal: developing a valuable asset. Strategies vary by company. Competitive pressure varies by market. However, many things are universal: consumers will always seek exceptional service. Agents shall thrive in values-driven, collaborative environments.”

Beth McGuire is RISMedia’s Online Managing Editor. Email her at

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15 Jan

Building a Trustworthiness of Honesty and Trust

In the next interview, Phyllis Staines, broker associate at RE/MAX Coastal PROPERTY in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., discusses disruption, marketing and much more.

Region Served: Jacksonville, Fla.
Years in Real Estate: 20
Number of Offices: 1
Number of Agents: 16
Favorite Section of Your Job: The freedom and unlimited prospect of earning. I love solving problems also, and those that are having to buy or sell have a nagging problem that people have to solve for them.
Best Advice for Someone Just ENGAGING IN the Business: Anticipate to work hard to be able to build a trustworthiness of trust and honesty that folks will gravitate toward.

What factor gets the largest influence on the true estate industry today?
Because the industry continues to improve and evolve, it’s vital that you understand that technology will substitute the skill and diligence of a genuine estate professional never. That said, I really believe technology disruption may have the biggest effect on the true estate industry if we don’t notice that it’s happening. If we relax and turn a blind eye toward the disruptors getting into the industry, it might impact us a lot more than we realize. Complacency is really a concern we should seriously take more. We can’t depend on technology to resolve everything. It’s a tool simply.

Is there a particular trend or movement you’re currently watching that has the ability to disrupt the marketplace?
Year instant Offers have grown to be a hot topic within days gone by, with Zillow along with other technology groups trying out instant-offer platforms. While I don’t foresee this learning to be a huge disruptor in my own market necessarily, it’s something I will continue to focus on.

In what ways does your organization stay flexible and current?
The RE/MAX intranet we’ve access to—which include RE/MAX University, where agents may take part in constant training—is paramount to staying current and flexible. Being truly a leader on the market, RE/MAX appreciates that they should be cognizant of your competition. The development of these new logo is one of these that shows precisely how tuned in to the market they’re.

You utilize Homes & Land within an integrated online marketing strategy which includes print publications. So how exactly does this benefit you?
I’m a large Homes & Land advertiser, a publication I’ve been advertising set for at least twelve years. Not merely do the worthiness is identified by me of print, but I supplement it with social media marketing also, the web and direct mail. I’m having an excellent response from both direct Homes and mail & Land, and that’s because so a lot of my competition isn’t anymore doing it. Overall, I’m a large believer in Homes & Land, as there’s no other magazine in my own market that pertains to homes solely. We owe it to your sellers to expose their house atlanta divorce attorneys real way possible, and print is one particular real ways.

Looking ahead, what exactly are you most seeking to as 2018 gets underway forward?
While I’m hoping 2018 brings more inventory and drives more folks into homeownership, I’m also likely to continue steadily to improve my skills and education to be able to stay prior to the competition.

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15 Jan

Buying IS WAY BETTER Financially in OVER FIFTY PERCENT of Markets: Report

It is less expensive to buy a genuine home than rent one in over fifty percent of markets— but also for how remains uncertain long, in accordance with released research recently.

In 54 percent of the over 400 counties analyzed by ATTOM Data Solutions, purchasing the median-priced home is less expensive than renting a three-bedroom one, in accordance with ATTOM’s 2018 Rental Affordability Report. The largest counties better for buying are Tarrant County, Texas, home to Dallas; Broward County, Fla., home to Miami; Bexar County, Texas, home to San Antonio; Wayne County, Mich., home to Detroit; and Philadelphia County, Pa.

Big counties generally, however, are better for renters, the extensive research shows.

“Although buying is less expensive than renting in nearly all U still.S. housing markets, that majority is shrinking as home price appreciation continues to outpace rental growth generally in most areas,” says Daren Blomquist, vice president at ATTOM Data Solutions. “Renting has clearly end up being the lesser of two housing affordability evils in lots of major population centers, with renting less expensive than buying in 76 percent of counties which have a population of 1 million or even more. And when divided by population than amount of markets rather, this data implies that a lot of the U.S. population—64 percent—reside in markets which are less expensive to rent than to get.”

Gains in home prices are exceeding growth in rents in 59 percent of the counties assessed, including LA County, Calif., Cook County, Ill., and NORTH PARK County, Calif. The contrary is going on in 40 percent of the counties examined, including Harris County, Texas, home to Houston; Maricopa County, Ariz., home to Phoenix; and Kings County, N.Y., or Brooklyn.

Incomes are lagging rents in 60 percent of counties also, including, again, LA County, Cook San and County Diego County.

Learn more in the report.

Source: ATTOM Data Solutions

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12 Jan

A Closer Look at CES’s Game Changers

At CES 2018, the buyer electronics’ this week mega show in NEVADA, I hung out with robots, used the most recent VR headsets, and talked—yes, talked—to a bunch of appliances, from the bathroom mirror to a refrigerator. After scouring the show floor, This season that hold real potential to shake up the true estate market i came across several products. In the video below, I outlined what I believe is among the best tech I saw at the show this season. But needless to say, my rankings are subjective so utilize the poll below to vote for the favorite!

Check out most of REALTOR® Mag’s CES 2018 coverage.


Which of these 10 game changers from CES 2018 has the most potential to impact your business?