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26 Jan

Robots are Needs to Do Showings

A company called Zenplace in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA is using robots to greatly help its agents conduct showings. When people reach the machine, they’re greeted with what amounts to an iPad on a mobile stand leading them around, but it’s personalized; it’s the agent’s voice&nbsp and image;that people see and hear. Others are developing wirh their very own versions of the.

It’s an excellent question whether this kind of automation shall remove. As people get accustomed to buying goods at automated stores where everything is performed together with your phone or charge card no employees remain, it’s feasible mobile iPads shall do just fine at showings.


Screen grab from Zenplace video

Whether you prefer the theory or not, it’s a trend that’s poised going to your industry. You can find other tech trends you’be confronted with whether you prefer them or not ll. One is really a type or sort of virtual tour that’ s more immersive than everything you manage wearing goggles just. You get yet another tactile component, because you’re wearing gloves with sensors. Now you are feeling the hinged door handle once you open the refrigerator along with view it in multiple dimensions.

Will this be now typical six years from? Who knows, but that the genie&rsquo now;s from the bottle, it’s improbable to get devote back.

REALTOR® Magazine spent a couple of days at CES in NEVADA fourteen days ago and cut back coverage of most forms of tech innovations arriving at real estate. CES stands it&rsquo for GADGETS Show and; each year of which companies make an effort to wow people who have what the&rsquo s the big showcase;re cooking up for all of us.

You can find out more about CES and in addition about property robots in the most recent Voice for Real Estate video. The video talks about something the U also.S. Department of Labor did a couple weeks ago which could eventually make a difference to you since it promises to find the real estate business one step nearer to establishing association health plans (AHPs) for independent contractors.

The agency proposed adding “working owner” to this is of employer for purposes of establishing AHPs, which may enable sole proprietors and small enterprises to ban together for insurance beneath the large group market, which will make coverage available a lot more than beneath the small group market cheaply. There remain plenty of hurdles, but this is a crucial part of the proper direction.

The video also talks about the three-day authorities shutdown and what can happen to your pipeline of homes sales if there’s a different one in a couple weeks, february that could happen because the short-term budget law expires in early. If your buyers are trying to get FHA-backed financing, they might probably be okay, although processing might take a little longer. But if they[re investing in a new house in a flood area, they could not be capable of geting flood insurance, and that could mean a delay in  closing.

Watch the video now.

25 Jan
22 Jan

Do Personality Assessments Work? Sometimes.

@maialisa, 2016.

I’ve been skeptical of personality assessments always. After taking the DISC twice—once obtaining a D/C and much more obtaining a high recently, even I/D&mdash nearly; I came across that both total results matched my personality on some levels and conflicted on others. That’s where my skepticism can be found in. There’s truth in assessments to varying degrees.

Whether or not you’re looking at assessments for personal insight or even to use as an instrument for hiring, it’s vital that you find the appropriate one for you personally. Recently, A bit was compiled by me for REALTOR® Magazine on EQ vs. IQ, which examines the idea of emotional intelligence and how it pertains to dealing with clients. I interviewed experts in the field who offered actionable strategies for phoning your EQ and putting it on to your task in property. This article is split into three parts, and within the last section—that is directed at broker-owners or hiring managers—I dive into how exactly to recruit high-EQ candidates.

As section of my research, I took Keller Williams Realty’s Keller Personality Assessment (KPA), that i found to function as most enlightening and accurate assessment I’ve experienced up to now. It encapsulated so many idiosyncrasies of my personality that it had been astonishing. But I shouldn’t be surprised since their business model is focused on building teams that work very well together. What better solution to get yourself a window right into a person’s true self than by asking them to take an assessment to understand how they’ll participate in your group? The main element word for the reason that relevant question is “window.”

Whether you’re using DISC, a brokerage tool like KW’s KPA, or another test, like the Caliper Profile, consider it as one little bit of the puzzle (e.g. don’t put all of your eggs in a single basket). You have to make certain you&rsquo still;re recruiting the proper person or creating a good hire. Here are a few takeaways after taking the KPA:

Know what you’re assessing. Hiring someone because you &ldquo like them or you;click” isn’t advisable always. Think about the skillset the work requires before administering the assessment really. Know very well what you’re searching for and also have a checklist. Make certain you’re judging candidates not merely on the strengths but how those strengths might serve as either pros or cons in a particular position.

@Clker-Free-Vector-Images, 2014.

@Clker-Free-Vector-Images, 2014.

Understand an assessment may not tell the complete story.some candidates can overthink their responses when taking an assessment , which might affect accuracy. That’s why it’s vital to ask follow-up questions regarding the total outcomes of any tests you administer. Ask the candidate how they experience the outcomes and how accurate they think they’re. Require examples regarding candidates’ assessed strengths as they’ve played out in on-the-job or real-life.

Don’t put people in a box. I hate using that box cliché, but it’s true. Many assessments cement an individual as you way or another, failing woefully to consider how one trait may inform other characteristics. For example, my high responsiveness, spontaneity, and logical problem-solving skills, in conjunction with my desire to have independence, means I work in environments which are busy best, active, and present me a variety of responsibilities to control. But considering all of those traits independently, you might not draw that conclusion.

In-person interviews best are. It’s easier to learn someone’s comfort and ease once you see their body gestures. You can provide them with insight into your organization culture also. And in accordance with Karina Loken, president of The Loken Group with Keller Williams Luxury International in Houston, in case a candidate feels your workplace is an excellent fit for them, it’s best for your company always.


18 Jan
18 Jan
12 Jan

A Closer Look at CES’s Game Changers

At CES 2018, the buyer electronics’ this week mega show in NEVADA, I hung out with robots, used the most recent VR headsets, and talked—yes, talked—to a bunch of appliances, from the bathroom mirror to a refrigerator. After scouring the show floor, This season that hold real potential to shake up the true estate market i came across several products. In the video below, I outlined what I believe is among the best tech I saw at the show this season. But needless to say, my rankings are subjective so utilize the poll below to vote for the favorite!

Check out most of REALTOR® Mag’s CES 2018 coverage.


Which of these 10 game changers from CES 2018 has the most potential to impact your business?

10 Jan

Get Smarter About Smart Homes

Consumers are increasingly interested in smart home technology, and they’re embracing realtors as an essential resource for information. Forty-two percent of consumers recently surveyed say they might turn to their agent to provide suggestions on how staging their home with smart-home products could impact their sale, in accordance with a fresh survey conducted by Coldwell Banker. The business presented their findings at the buyer electronics’ mega event, CES 2018, this week that is occurring in NEVADA. Coldwell Banker is really a sponsor of the Smart Home Marketplace as of this year’s show.

“Our consumer findings underscore the necessity for industrywide smart-home education for property sales people,” says Charlie Young, cEO and president of Coldwell Banker PROPERTY.

Our interview with David Marine, senior vice president of marketing at Coldwell Banker, delves further into what property professionals can get from buyers and sellers on the next couple of years: