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22 Feb

Cultivating Success With Education and Community Outreach

In the following interview, Rosey Koberlein, CEO of Long Realty Company, a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) in Tucson, Ariz., discusses the advantages of the brand, education, leadership, and more.

Region Served: Southern Arizona and areas of Mexico
Years in Real Estate: 33
Number of Offices: 15 corporately owned and 24 franchises
Number of Agents: 1,300
One Thing People Don’t Know About You: At 40 years old, I took two years off to be the hippie I didn’t get to be when I was younger.

How does the LeadingRE MAESTROTM Leadership Certification program you helped design develop highly effective real estate leaders?
At LeadingRE, it was obvious that we had a hole in leadership management at the branch level, so 10-15 of us from across the country went over the necessary skillsets related to what would make a really good branch manager. These fell into three buckets: creating and maintaining a healthy culture in a branch; coaching and training agents to be productive; and growing your business. LeadingRE asked me to put together the syllabus for growing a branch. The biggest thing to instill in branch managers is the fact that culture and agent development lead to growth in the branch. How does your brokerage’s office culture play a role in your real estate career? It all begins with culture. To be able to instill the core values of your organization to create relationships with sales associates and employees is the most important thing.

Can you talk a little bit about your community involvement and how you apply your experience to everyday business?
I’m on the board of directors for the Southern Arizona Leadership Council and the YWCA, as well as a board member for the Pima County Real Estate Research Council and a member of The Realty Alliance. Long Realty has a prestigious role in the community; they turn to us about what’s going on in the world of real estate. At YWCA, I’m helping entrepreneurs put businesses together, and helping women establish themselves in the community.

You’ve won several awards for your leadership roles, including Women of Influence and Women on the Move. How do you use your influence to empower and coach female agents within your brokerage?
I don’t broadcast those awards that much. The biggest award I received was Tucson’s Woman of the Year award in 2015. My way of working with women is to make bigger requests. Sometimes you have to ask people to do something a little bit bigger, or a little harder—something that makes everyone stretch. If I’m leaving them at their position, I’m not helping them grow.

What types of systems have you found most useful throughout your real estate career?
It’s not a system, but leadership. The leadership of the company decides on the focus. Once they go out and announce that focus, they’re constantly drawing on that foundation to get every department, every role, every employee and every sales associate on the same page.

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22 Feb
21 Feb

Experts on Housing Less Optimistic because of Tax Jobs and Cuts Act

The Tax Jobs and Cuts Act has effects on the housing outlook, in accordance with new research.

Approximately two-fifths (41 percent) of experts in Zillow’s 2018 Q1 Home Price Expectations Survey have a less optimistic outlook as a complete consequence of the reform; 31 percent, however, tend to be more positive. Twenty-eight percent haven’t amended their forecast at all. Over 100 experts participated in the survey.

With the economy warming up, and the indefinite upshot of the reform, you can find concerns that the gun could possibly be jumped by the Federal Reserve on rates, says Aaron Terrazas, senior economist at Zillow.

“By expanding the typical deduction, tax reform shall put additional money in to the typical American’s pocket in 2018, that will boost spending and may help renters save faster for a deposit,” Terrazas says. “The longer-term outlook is less rosy. There’s some concern that tax cuts at this stage available cycle could be throwing fuel on an already ranging fire and may lead the economy to overheat. Couple of years most economists we surveyed visit a stronger outlook for the housing marketplace on the next, but a far more pessimistic outlook on the longer horizon.”

The experts are forecasting higher home values for a while.

“The persistent short way to obtain entry-level virginia homes has highlighted precisely how bifurcated the U.S. housing marketplace is becoming,” says Terry Loebs, founder of Pulsenomics, which conducted the survey with Zillow. “Professionals project that the worthiness of homes in underneath third of the marketplace will appreciate at 6 percent this year—double the rate expected for the highest-priced tertile.”

According to Loebs, come spring, competition will be the norm.

“Limited inventory of low-priced homes, in conjunction with expectations for rising interest levels, likely foreshadow a frenetic, anxiety-filled spring buying season for qualified first-time homebuyers,” Loebs says.

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21 Feb

Why Your Mortgage GETS More Expensive

(TNS)—World events are conspiring to create it more costly so that you can borrow money to get a house.

Mortgage rates have increased for five consecutive weeks, in accordance with Bankrate data, bringing interest on a 30-year fixed rate loan to 4.44 percent—the best level in 11 months—while home prices continue steadily to rise because of insufficient available homes.

After years of tepid economic growth, animal spirits are aflame. Inflation and wage growth found a groove, as the Federal Reserve’s intend to raise short-term interest levels multiple times for a consecutive year has reduced the worthiness of government debt. The yield on 10-year Treasuries would be to a four-year high close. (Bond prices and yields are inversely related.)

Oh, and China might reduce its appetite for U.S. bonds.

Homebuyers Should Log off the Fence
Mortgage rates are moved by the yield on 10-year Treasuries, than short-term rate hikes by the Fed rather. That’s why mortgage rates fell throughout 2017, for example, even while the central bank raised the federal funds rate 3 x.

Rates remain cheap, however, in comparison to historical prices. A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was included with mortgage loan above 6 percent right before the fantastic Recession in 2007.

Potential homeowners should log off the fence and create a bid, if you do an inexpensive home target and adequate savings, because rates tend only heading north.

Why Mortgage Rates Are Increasing
You’ve seen this movie before.

following the 2016 election

Immediately, investors sold government debt en masse, evoking the 10-year yield to go up from 1.on November 8 to 2 88 percent.60 percent five weeks later. That dramatic rise was based on investors thinking a newly Republican-controlled Washington would produce faster economic growth through infrastructure spending and tax cuts.

Optimism waned throughout 2017, though, because the GOP didn’t overhaul the Affordable Care Act, casting doubt on the cohesion as a governing party. The long-promised massive infrastructure bill materialized, as the prospects of a tax overhaul dampened. Week of September by the initial, the 10-year yield was 2.05 percent.

But then Republicans made progress on a $1.5 trillion goverment tax bill, as the employment picture continued to brighten, and the U.S. the entire year economy grew at a good clip during the last half a year of.

With Congress agreeing to a $300 billion spending bill—that will only throw more coal on the burning economy—investors see fewer reasons to possess bonds. Economic growth and higher pay you could end up long-awaited inflation gains. Prices have already been rising below the Fed’s 2 percent target, based on the central bank’s preferred prices gauge, for a long time now.

Higher inflation is really a boon for fixed-rate borrowers but hurts debtors. The January jobs report, which showed a 2.year earnings increase 9 percent-year-over, was a sign to advertise observers that inflation may be coming.

Meanwhile, In January that China bloomberg reported, the biggest foreign holder of U.S. debt, may reduce or cease U.S. debt purchases, causing market jitters.

Should You WORRY?
Given the recent run-up in yields, you might be worried—but don’t panic yet just.

“This is simply not alarming,” notes Chris Vincent, fixed income portfolio manager at William Blair. “There is absolutely no significant drama in the credit markets.”

Markets, following a decade of low rates and low growth nearly, are adjusting to the brand new corresponding and normal volatility— even though China might own over a trillion dollars of U.S. debt, that’s significantly less than 20 percent of most debt owned by foreign nations, and a fifth of what America owes itself.

You are entering a worldwide world where it’s likely to are more expensive to borrow funds. It’s time and energy to get accustomed to it.

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20 Feb

Equity Growing in Lowest Tier: Report

Buyer demand is highest for starter supply—and entry-level homes are appreciating faster than others as a complete result, in accordance with an analysis by Zillow.

“Once the housing marketplace crashed, owners of minimal valuable homes were especially hard hit and lost more home value than homeowners at top of the end of the marketplace,” says Aaron Terrazas, senior economist at Zillow. “Since that time, though, demand for less costly, entry-level homes steadily has generated, causing prices to rapidly grow. As a total result, these homeowners have already been in a position to build wealth at a faster pace than owners of more costly homes.”

Entry-level homeowners (those in the cheapest third in value) have become their equity by 44.4 percent within the last five years (8.5 percent previously year), the analysis reveals; at another end of the spectrum, higher-end homeowners (those in the best third in value) have become their equity by 26.6 percent—3.year 6 percent in the past.

Appreciation is wonderful for homeowners, but increases affordability issues, and buyers are competing for the dearth of starter supply.

The certain specific areas which have appreciated probably the most in the starter tier are NEVADA, Nev. (+104.4 percent within the last five years), SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Calif. (+103.3 percent), Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (+102.2 percent), Sacramento, Calif. (+101 percent) and Tampa, Fla. (+95.2 percent). Year in Tampa entry-level homeowners have gained probably the most equity during the past, Fla. (+20.4 percent), NEVADA, Nev. (+19.9 percent), San Antonio, Texas (+18.4 percent), San Jose, Calif. (+18 percent), and Detroit, Mich. (+17.2 percent).

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20 Feb

4 Steps to PROPERTY Success With ‘Webinar Wednesdays’ From RPR®

NAR PULSE—Each webinar covers one important aspect of your real estate industry and demonstrate how exactly to use RPR® reports and data to understand the entire potential of each transaction. You’ll hear from REALTORS® who’ve used the app to lead clients to the closing table successfully, year along with pick up approaches for working smarter in the brand new. Register here.

Effortless SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for Brokerages
At You Media back, the most recent partner in the REALTOR Benefits® Program, provides powerful automated marketing tools for REALTORS®. Multiple plan options are for sale to members with varying degrees of social media marketing savvy, including an enterprise arrange for broker/owners. Learn more.

NAR Code of Ethics Course Offers CE
Your agents can double the advantages of their Code of Ethics training by earning three hours of CE credit if they complete NAR’s online program. With this particular course, REALTORS® can meet their ethics training requirement from the comfort of these office or home. The existing two-year cycle shall end Dec. 31, 2018. Learn more.

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20 Feb

Developing a Positive Mindset and Leading by Example

In the next interview, Charleen Newhouse, branch manager of Realty ONE Group in Irvine, Calif., discusses the benefits of the brand, leading a united team, and much more.

Region Served: Coastal California, from NORTH PARK to Ventura County
Years in Real Estate: 23
Number of Offices: 1
Number of Agents: 387
Best Tip so you can get the proper Listing Price: Know the inventory much better than the buyer.
Key to COPING WITH Difficult Clients: Be considered a problem solver and listen without interrupting.
Best Time Management Tip: Time-blocking. It’s vital that you add a supplementary half an hour to each appointment also.
No. 1 Tip for Owning a Successful Agency Meeting: Make certain the power is high and the topics are excellent. You need to include a takeaway always, like a prospecting, marketing or negotiating tip.

Your company exceeded $1 billion in sales 3 years running. Just how much of that can you attribute to just how Realty ONE Group is changing agent habits and work ethics?
While Realty ONE Group’s forward-thinking approach allows the agent to believe just like a continuing business proprietor, I ensure it is a true indicate suggest to them how they need to outperform your competition and stand aside from tradition. We place great focus on both goals and accountability, which includes pushed our office to keep to be at the top. And last, however, not least, while some fear technology, we embrace it.

How can you motivate so many successful agents in to the winning team you have in SoCal?
Not everyone has passion, which means you must help develop a positive lead and mindset by example. Per month i conduct from 12-15 classes, which focus on all agents, not newer associates just. Not only is it available, I offer one-on-one coaching and also be a part of agents&rsquo also; appointments. I’m a company believer in the idea that positive synergy creates a profitable outcome.

What keeps your team top of mind with prospective clients, existing clients and within the grouped communities you serve?
We have a solid marketshare inside our area, and closing over a billion dollars in sales implies that our office includes a competitive edge. Realty ONE Group will pay for our exposure in both traditional and digital media, which ultimately shows that we’ve gained from our global reach. Our company continues showing brand value and build credibility with this clients, aswell. Agents will support a brandname that connects using them emotionally always.

Where can you stand when advising clients on marketing their home through the winter weather?
Of year probably the most motivated buyers/sellers market their home during this time period. Reduced competition is another advantage yet. That said, our market is still dynamic due to online listings.

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20 Feb

What’s the proper way to Structure a Marketing Service Agreement?

Real estate practitioners getting into marketing service agreements with lenders, title companies, along with other settlement providers is really a well-established practice, but a recently available court decision shows why you must structure these agreements the proper way.

An appellate court just ruled that it’s okay for a home loan lender to refer business to mortgage insurers that are buying reinsurance from a joint venture partner of the lending company, as the reinsurance is really a real service and the insurers are paying fair market rates for this. Put simply, the arrangement doesn’t total a kickback.

Although the entire case involves a lender, insurance firms, and a reinsurer, the structure of the agreement is a thing that applies to the type of marketing service agreements you could be involved with being an agent or broker. Any agreement you enter with a lender or title company should be for actual services rendered and coming in at fair market rates and not an arrangement for referrals.

How can you ensure a marketing agreement is suitable under federal anti-kickback rules? It is important is to own it viewed by a lawyer who’s acquainted with the true Estate Settlement Procedures Act, or RESPA. For an over-all idea, though, you can find two tests it is possible to apply:

1.Is the marketing fee you receive based on the true number of referrals you make to the company, whether it’s a title company, a lender, or another company? If the fee corresponds to the real amount of referrals, you will be inviting a detailed look by the buyer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), that is the federal agency that enforces RESPA.

2. If an arrangement is had by one to split costs on a joint project, such as a newspaper ad, may be the split reflective of what each one of you enter return? For instance, if you and the title company are splitting the expense of the ad down the center, then half the ad is going to the title half and company is going to you. If the title company is covering 75 percent of the expense of the ad but only taking on 25 % of the area, that split helps it be appear to be the ongoing company is subsidizing 50 percent of the ad cost. Again, you will be inviting a detailed look by the CFPB.

Learn more concerning the recent court decision in the most recent Voice for Real Estate news video from NAR. The video also talks about that which was in the budget agreement enacted into law about fourteen days ago. Among other activities, the brand new law extends the tax deduction for mortgage insurance costs and retains the prohibition on taxing forgiven mortgage debt as income. In addition, it talks about why a recently available Supreme Court decision on the regulation of bodies of water is essential to your inbdustry.

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20 Feb
19 Feb

Consistency Is Key for Market Domination

In the next interview, Alex Iskenderian, owner/REALTOR® with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Maui Properties in St. Lahaina/Wailea, Hawaii, discusses agent development, culture and much more.

Region Served: Maui, but additionally licensed in California
Years in Real Estate: 6
Number of Offices: 2
Number of Agents: 25
Favorite Time-Saving Tech Tool: The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices franchise offers a platform called the Resource Center where we are able to come up with our marketing material and marketing collateral. It expedites the marketing process because I don’t have to design mail or postcards pieces. Instead, I could go in to the operational system and go through the listing and the marketing pieces are automatically populated.

What may be the very first thing you do once you arrive at any office every morning?
I check my emails, and I check what we call the &ldquo then;hot list,” that is a list of all of the properties which are new out there and also have experienced a cost change, sold, gone into escrow, expired or cancelled.

What can be your personal philosophy for property success?
Consistency. Not in tasks just, but consistency in marketing, in order that whenever a client drives by our office, they start to see the same sign they see on our open houses and for-sale signs and postcards and print media and HGTV. We offer all of the signage for the agents, so you turn everywhere, you start to see the same branding. I really believe our success is related to being aggressive and consistent inside our tasks extremely, marketing and branding.

Can you describe your organization culture?
We don’t have a competitive in-house culture. While we bring about agents for specific markets, we don’t bring about agents to contend with other agents in the working office. We’ve a synergistic atmosphere for the reason that everyone is ready to work with one another no one is stepping using one another’s feet. We’re relatively youthful and family-oriented also. We do things as though we’re family and friends, not agents just.

What sets your team aside from other brokerages?
The Berkshire Hathaway name helps. We’ve experienced exactly the same location for 25 years also, which we own, and that ties into our consistency back. We’re mostly of the property brokerages in the constant state that owns most of its office locations. Our consistency with branding and marketing apart sets us, too. Despite the fact that we’ve minimal agents in comparison to a few of the larger companies, it feels as though we’re the dominant brokerage on the island due to our marketing consistency simply. Our signs everywhere are.

How can you keep your agents motivated?
We offer just as much support to your agents because they need to become successful. We’ve an incentivizing commission structure where productivity is rewarded also. Our agents aren’t penalized if they’re much less productive as before, plus they reach a commission level once, it’s not extracted from them away.

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