One Quarter of 2017 U nearly.S. Home Sales Were Above the PRICE TAG

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Get Smarter About Smart Homes

Consumers are increasingly interested in smart home technology, and they’re embracing realtors as an essential resource for information. Forty-two percent of consumers recently surveyed say they might turn to their agent to provide suggestions on how staging their home with smart-home products could impact their sale, in accordance with a fresh survey conducted by Coldwell Banker. The business presented their findings at the buyer electronics’ mega event, CES 2018, this week that is occurring in NEVADA. Coldwell Banker is really a sponsor of the Smart Home Marketplace as of this year’s show.

“Our consumer findings underscore the necessity for industrywide smart-home education for property sales people,” says Charlie Young, cEO and president of Coldwell Banker PROPERTY.

Our interview with David Marine, senior vice president of marketing at Coldwell Banker, delves further into what property professionals can get from buyers and sellers on the next couple of years:

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CES2018: Smart Homes, Robots, and much more

The technology industry’s mega event, referred to as CES, this week begins in NEVADA, and a large number of companies are gearing around showcase their latest innovations. Which year’s trade show promises plenty for the true estate industry aswell.

This is my third run covering CES from NEVADA, and it’s mostly of the conferences that brings the populous city to a practical standstill. A lot more than 3,900 companies are revealing products through the entire city’s hotels and convention center. I’ll admit it could be overwhelming; people zoom by on Hoverboards, drones swarm overhead, televisions loom bigger than your eyes may take in, booming speakers rattle one to the core, cars drive by by themselves, and random robots rush around greet you. Thankfully, if you want to flee from all of the flashiness, it is possible to wear a VR headset and be immersed in the sight and sounds of the beaches of Tahiti. As the CES show floor is really a wild sight, it can offer among the best glimpses in to the technology which could rock the true estate world within the next couple of years. And I’m here to get the tools that could transform the true way you conduct showings, advance the way you market properties, and make your mobile office better even.

In preparation, a huge selection of PR people have flooded my email and voicemail inboxes, all with promises they contain the next big thing for the business. Do they? We’ll see. The week wears on as, you can view our extended coverage from the show floor detailing product debuts, tech news, and our annual video countdown to the largest game-changers for the business.

Here certainly are a few categories that I’m keeping my eye on as of this year’s show:

  • Smart home tech: The unit are receiving more sophisticated, better to use, and much more affordable. Well known artificial intelligence tools—Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, and Google Home—are increasingly being folded directly into more products ever. I’ll be scouting the show floor for more innovations in the smart-home arena. Year for the 3rd consecutive, Coldwell Banker will be sponsoring the Smart Home Marketplace, so we’ll also sign in to listen to what they see as the utmost important innovations for property pros.
  • Smart cities: Technology is likely to reshape our cities, combining artificial intelligence, data analytics, electric grids, public safety, and intelligent transportation. Global shelling out for smart city initiatives is projected to attain a lot more than $34 billion by 2020. I’ll be seeking to know how municipalities are preparing to connect communities in new ways with an increase of sensors that may do from monitoring quality of air to alerting police once the sound of gunshots are detected.
  • 5G: This super-fast wireless speed, that is said to be 100 times faster and five times more responsive than what we currently use, is arriving at a good phone in your area. AT&Verizon and t are anticipated to provide status updates on the fifth-generation network technology in this year’s show. How will the opportunity to transfer and upload information change your organization instantly?
  • Driverless cars: The technology may be a ways faraway from your neighborhood lanes, but more autonomous driving features are hitting the roadways. This can transform just how our economy and the built environment function, which explains why it’s vital for property professionals to comprehend.
  • Robots: Virtual tours via robots? They’re happening. While property professionals aren’t at risk of being replaced by robots, some are excited by the thought of showings becoming easier. I’ll be searching for new ways robots could become the next office assistant.
  • Drones: It wouldn’t be considered a proper CES show without drones buzzing in the new air. Do you know the latest advances in capturing property photos from the sky? The technology gets simpler to use, and a bodyguard-like drone has me intrigued.
  • Virtual reality: VR headsets permit you to take buyers within an inventory from all over the world. Estate pros have been completely tinkering with the technology real, but I’m seeking to checking in on the most recent developments from CES forward.

There’s more plenty. Smart appliances, cameras, not to mention, you can find always those unexpected exhibitors who have the ability to make you increase your eyebrow as you walk by—was a laundry folding robot? I’ll be visiting to obtain his card definitely!

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Just like the Tax Law? Don’t ENJOY IT? Remember, A lot of It Expires in 2025

Whatever you imagine of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which President Donald Trump signed into law before Christmas just, a lot of it continues on Dec away. 31, 2025, this means most of the changes will revert back again to what was set up prior to the bill was signed unless Congress acts to increase the provisions.

REALTORS® may take some credit for most of the bill’s improvements during its development. Today the bill originally curtailed the administrative centre gains exclusion that home sellers get, but due to REALTORS®’ involvement, current law was kept set up. As a total result, individuals can still sell their home and exclude around $250,000 in arises from capital gains taxes. For maried people jointly filing, it’s $500,000.

On the commercial side, REALTORS® helped keep tax-deferred 1031 exchanges set up. House Republicans met with REALTORS® soon after they released their original tax reform blueprint and heard that 1031 exchanges were imperative to commercial sales. NAR testified compared to that effect, too, prior to the Senate Finance Committee.

big changes REALTORS&reg

Other; helped secure add a compromise on the deductibility of state and local income property and taxes taxes. Households can deduct both these taxes still, although they’re limited by a complete of $10,000.

REALTORS® helped fight against limitations on the mortgage interest deduction also. The statutory law keeps set up MID, for both primary residences and second homes (though it eliminates it for equity credit lines), nonetheless it limits the deduction to $750,000. That’s a reduced amount of $250,000 from the old limit of $1 million, but it’s greater than the $500,000 contained in the homely house bill.

Despite these improvements, the brand new law, on balance, hurts homeownership. That’s because many households today that itemize their deductions won’t think it is financially beneficial to continue doing this. Because of this, they’ll receive no benefit in the tax code to be homeowners.

Instead, beneath the new law, most homeowners shall take the typical deduction, which is risen to $24,000 from the little above $12,today 000. Even though deduction is larger, the gain is offset by the increased loss of the non-public and dependency exemptions partially. Today, these exemptions are $4,150 for every eligible person in family members. For children with four eligible people (wife, husband, and two children, for instance), that’s $16,600 in lost exemptions. Once you subtract that from the increased standard deduction newly, that you&rsquo sometimes appears by you;ve made no or little gain from everything you had before. For a few households, it could make sense to visit itemizing except that now itemized deductions are limited back.

On the plus side, the statutory law could prove beneficial to property professionals in the treating your organization income. The statutory law creates a 20 percent deduction for so-called pass-through entities. Pass-through entities include people whose income is taxed on the average person as opposed to the corporate side of the tax code. So, being an independent contractor whose income is taxed as individual income, you will be eligible for the brand new deduction. You’ll desire to consult with your tax professional on that, because you can find limitations on what that’s applied.

You can find out about what’on Thursday s in the brand new law in a Facebook Live event NAR is hosting, Jan. 4, at 1 p.m., Central time, 2 p.m., Eastern time. Because it’s live, it is possible to ask questions of the speakers. Included in these are Peter Baker, an accountant who focuses on working with property professionals, and Evan Liddiard, NAR’s tax policy specialist.


Bottom line: Regulations is way better for property than it began to be, thanks in large part to REALTORS®’ engagement politically. Nonetheless it can still better be produced, for homeowners particularly. On big, complex laws such as this one, it’s not unusual for Congress to check out up with another bill to improve or tweak provisions as problems become apparent. There’s an excellent chance Congress shall use up this type of bill in 2018. Should they do, REALTORS® will continue steadily to make their voices heard. And there&rsquo then;s Dec. 31, 2025. Unless Congress passes extensions, most of the provisions then expire.

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